Huiying Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (HY Medical) is a leading frontier tech enterprise focusing on AI-powered solutions for radiologists.


With the core technology of deep learning on medical images and multiple patents, HY Medical built three primary systems featuring Dr.Turing®AI-assisted Diagnosis platform, Radcloud®AI Scientific Research Platform, and Novacloud®Intelligent Medical Image platform, benefiting medical workers and patients with AI-assisted screening/research/tele-radiology, etc.

HY Medical aims at building an intelligent medical image platform to simplify radiologists’ workflow, and it has completed the closed-loop of decision support from screening, diagnosis, treatment, to scientific research. As one of the Intel capital portfolio companies and an early AI company focusing on medical imaging, HY medical has released 10+ AI assisted screening & diagnosis applications including solutions for Lung nodules detection, Tuberculosis screening, bone fracture detection and breast cancer detection. Those solutions have been deployed in over 1,000 hospitals and healthcare institutions in China over the past 5 years with an ever-growing customer base. HY Medical expanded its market reach globally, already servicing 80+ hospitals overseas, making appearance in Italy, Belgium, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, brazil and so on.

Looking to improve healthcare and to facilitate the medical field with AI,HY Medical reached strategic co-operations with Tsinghua University, Stanford University, Intel, Huawei, China Telecom, China Unicom, etc. Powered by its talents and technology, HY Medical has undertaken and participated in 200+ scientific research projects, products benefiting 2,000+ doctors and 1,800,000+ patients. 

Up to now, HY has obtained hundreds of millions dollars of funding from top capitals such as Intel Capital, BOE, Delta Capital, CDH Investment, and Bluerun Venture Capital, making it the most noticeable promising AI medical enterprise with the highest financing in the industry. The company has been awarded with over 80 industry honors such as 2019 Industry leader, 2018 China Unicorn Top 100, Forbes 2018 China Top 50 Most Innovative List, 2017 Future Medical Top 100, 2017 Global Best AI Startup Company.

HY Medical continues to march towards transforming healthcare with AI.

Our mission

Unleash the power of Medical Imaging

Use AI and big data to improve healthcare

Help doctors provide precise medical diagnosis and treatment solutions

Our Vision

Benefit the public with quality medical resources

Re-invent an eco-system for healthcare