Imaging Cloud Storage / Three-Terminal Login / Tiered Diagnosis&Treatment

Novacloud  provides an intelligent medical image total solution to medical institutions/hospitals. It is a cloud PACS/RIS & Teleradiology platform that supports data sharing, where medical imaging data can be uploaded with co-access. Doctors from different hospitals can share resources through collaborative image cloud. The AI diagnostic tools accompanying Novacloud can greatly add up the efficiency and diagnosis accuracy.


•  Compatible Image Acquisition. Supports multiple sources (HL7 & DICOM standards, etc.) 

•  Scalable Cloud Archiving. Dynamic capacity expansion

•  Leading IT infrastructure. Runs on Microservice Architecture (MSA) in the backend

•  Universal Viewer. Zero-footprint & server-side rendering access anywhere, anytime

•  Best-in-Class Security Protecting your information through bank-level security

•  Seamless AI Integration. Bulit-in AI applications: TB, Chest Disease & Breast Cancer Screening, Bone Fracture for Extremeties & CT Lung Nodule Detection, Aorta AI-assisted Precise Diagnosis & Treatment System, AI structured reports for Liver Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, etc.