CT Detection for COVID-19

Dr. Turing®️ AI-assisted CT Detection for COVID-19

Dr. Turing®️AI-assisted CT Detection for COVID-19 can detect pneumonia lesions on CT scans and give likelihood of COVID-19 infections for doctors as a reference. This method complements RT-PCR testing by identifying suspected cases where lab testing is not readily accessible. Meanwhile, Chest CT also plays an important role in the assessment of COVID-19 patients. Based on CT images, it can be evaluated how severely the lungs are affected, and how the patient’s disease is evolving. AI can provide quantitative information for doctors such as lesion ratio to whole lung tissue, which contributes to both treatments and follow ups.


•  Probability of COVID-19 

•  Suspected pneumonia lesions detection and classification

•  Tracking volume change for pneumonia lesions

•  Quantitative evaluation