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AI Online Research platform Targeting Individualized aortic Stent-grafting Therapy

Hospital: Chinese PLA General Hospital

Arterial diameter measurement ratio reaches 98%.

Measurement error of arterial diameter reduces to less than 1.5mm, 50% accuracy increased than traditional manual measurement.

Finish the accurate measurement of diameter, length, distance between branch arteries in anchor zone within 10 minutes.

Intelligent Medical Partnership Imaging Center

The First Independent Women’s and Children’s Specialized Medical Partnership Imaging Center in Henan Province

Hospital: The Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University

Results and Achievements:

Provide AI assisted diagnosis on chest, mammary gland and detection of skeletal age with the accuracy rate 95% above.

Support the recognition of images, remote consultation and primary hospitals asking help from superior hospitals.

Build women’s and children’s specialized data center in Henan province.

Smart Digital E-film System

Fuyang Fifth People’s Hospital

Results and Achievements:

Patients: Get images and inspection reports by scanning QR code, NO waiting. Images can be kept long, NO losing.  

Hospitals: Save the cost, NO purchase. AI provide automatic primary inspection with the accuracy rate more than 95%, equal to the level of senior doctors.

Deep Learning and Radiomics Scientific Research Platform

Prediction of High and Low Differentiation of Suprarenal Epithelioma

Hospital: A Hospital

Procedure: Based on the enhanced CT images, sketch the area of suprarenal epithelioma during scanning, arterial phase, venous phase and excretory phase.

Among 1029 eigenvalues after extraction, 15 eigenvalues are selected after dimensionality reduction.

LR logic regression model works the best during the machine learning of high and low differentiation of suprarenal epithelioma.

AUC reaches 0.84.